Monday, March 13, 2017

Assistant & VR VS. AR

I think personally the Jill Watson assistant the professor made is very cool and actually very useful as in the article he described that students would ask the same questions and with that many students in the class answering the same questions over and over again is hard to do and very time consuming.  It also served the purpose of teaching artificial intelligence to the students which is a great thing for them to know because it's a topic that is growing all the time.

VR VS AR: VR is putting us in a new world basically, disregarding what room you are sitting in or what is around you VR immerses you into a totally new world with different objects and things everywhere where AR is putting 3d graphics of different objects into our world, how we see it with our eyes but with added features like 3D shapes and models. VR is also incorporated into glasses such as Hololens and VR goggles which are now very popular. VR is now being used by healthcare professionals to help patients. A study by Duke University tested people who were disabled wore the VR headsets and moved around in a soccer stadium and this triggered the brain function associated with moving their legs and some patients after this were able to regain control. Also another great use of VR is use by dentists and surgeons who can now practice their methods in VR, allowing them to make mistakes without hurting anybody and preparing for real life situations. AR is also being used by construction workers who can plan out and map where certain parts should be built and they can use AR to see blueprints live without having to constantly look they can see it right in front of them allowing for construction to be quicker and more efficient. Another cool use of AR is learning how to cook, AR is making this easy by showing exactly how something should be stirred or flipped over and it can also even read temperatures of the food so you don't burn anything and you can simulate cooking this way so you can really perfect it. Snapchat uses AR everyday in their filters which put different animal faces and many other things to change your appearance. Niantic introduced AR with their Pokemon Go app which is suppose to promote exercise.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Create Task Expectations

1.  We need to submit a video of the program running, The written responses about our program answering all the questions, and the code of the program itself.

2.  Two difficulties or 2 opportunities or 1 each you encountered during the writing of your program.. Then you need to answer how they were resolved and one part of the program which was designed independently and not from someone/somewhere else.

3. We need to include an algorithm with 2 or more algorithms inside and it should integrate math/logic concepts to create a new algorithm. We also need the purpose of the algorithm and how how the algorithm achieves its purpose. It should also describe how the 2 algorithms work independently or together to create a new algorithm.

4. Includes math/logic concepts and should help reduce the complexity of the program. The purpose of the abstraction and how it was developed for that purpose. How the abstraction handles the complexity of the program and how does it work to make it less complex or how the program would be like without the abstraction.

5. Not exceed 1 min in length and not over 30 Mb in size.

6.  PDF document only.

7. At the end in 2e.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


This program in Python is using a function defined as greeting which is printing out the greetings for me for every person I have entered in the greeting list. This reduces the complexity of the program because instead of me having to print out a greeting for each single person this function is doing it for me. It also makes it easier to understand what the code is doing because it makes it shorter and overall makes it easier to read for anyone so they could understand what the program is doing. Even though this is just a small program it can be expanded for other things as well other then greetings where then I could have more abstractions and reduce complexity for a bigger program.

Monday, February 6, 2017


This algorithm is very important to the program because this is what is getting the input from the users and asking how many days are in the month. Then asking for the pennies on the first day using this info the while loop will then get those pennies and multiply by 2 each time for that amount of days. Later this is converted into dollars but this algorithm is the main part of the program that lets the user input and calculate for them. The purpose of this was from the course we took last year where this was one of the problems we had to figure out how much money would the user have if the pennies multiplied by 2 every day from the original amount.

Create Task Ideas

I would like to write a code that would add to cart a shoe on or something to check the stock of the shoes from I would probably write this in python and maybe see ideas from others and build upon it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cyber crime ATM

"Global cyber, ATM heist nets thieves $45 million from 26 counties" In the year 2013 a network of many different thieves stole a total of $45 million from ATM'S in 26 different countries. In New York City the thieves stole $2.8 million alone. The thieves netted $40 million in just 10 hours. They stole debit card information from databases and use to create fake cards that were masked as real ones and then foot soldiers went out to ATM'S and stole as much as they could. The thieves were doing this simply to get rich because after they had their wallets full they posted flashy pictures of designer items, piles of cash and such to social media. Obviously on their part that was a stupid move and the FBI are looking for posts like that get their suspects. They eventually got 8 suspects and put them in prison. But this was one of the biggest ATM heists ever and they did get away with a lot of money. ATM's I feel need to more secure because there are a lot of ATM breaches and people using skimmers and videos to record people's pins and such which allows them to steal. But ATM's need to get more secure so things like this can be prevented and people feel safe using them. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

MIT App Inventor

The MIT app inventor is a great tool to play with and gain basic knowledge on building apps. I found it useful actually because this was the first time using it and it showed us how to make apps even if they were basic ones you can make them better over time. I think we should use the app inventor definitely in intro and advanced to learn about building apps and and playing with it to make your own. I think we should also use it an AP but we could go for some of the more complex apps and and even make some good games with it. Overall I really liked and enjoyed it, I don't think we should not include it because its good to get knowledge on understanding how app making works.